Holly’s Cafe

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Hollys cafe

Hollys cafe

I would like to tell you about a cafe that puts low-cost management into practice and has increased its number of shops recently. It is called Holly’s Cafe and is a self-service establishment.

When shopping centers expand, the amount of dead space also increases. For such centers, 100-yen shops have been useful because they fill this dead space. However, right now these discount shops are suffering the effects of global inflation.

Holly’s Cafe might fill the gap in the market here. Their menu is minimized so that it can be managed by a small number of staff.

Blended coffee, Dutch iced coffee, Cafe au lait, Cappuccino mocha, Vienna coffee, Dutch cafe au lait, Viennese cafe au lait – they serve coffee with a firm, delicious taste, and their premises are bright and clean with a white keynote. They seem perfect for those who use cafe to work or study.

Starbucks Coffee puts its stores in premium retail areas; Kansai chain Holly’s Cafe takes the complete opposite extreme.

They have now branched out of Kansai, and might be seen all over Japan in the near future.

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