H&M Ginza shop and Tokyo Disneyland

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H&M Ginza Opening

H&M Ginza Opening

It is reported recently that the world economy is on the verge of economic crisis. But I have come across a ever more people in Ginza street.

One of my friends whom accidentally I met there said that the target of the people were the newly opened H&M shop. The people have to wait for 40 minutes in a queue to be able to enter la shop, though the appearance of the shop was a month ago.

H&M Ginza Opening

H&M Ginza Opening

Foreigners who happen to come to Japan are not inclined to believe, that Japanese economy is bad, But they will change their opinion, if they visit local cities.

In many local cities, the shopping mall of the station square has become “the shuttered street”. Along bypass roads there are many roadside shops in local cities, but in order to make a big purchase residents there have to go to Tokyo by Shinkansen. This phenomenon is called a “sucking straw phenomenon”.
Ginza seems to gain brightness absorbing local wealth with a straw named Shinkansen.

H&M Ginza Opening4

Oriental Land Co., which runs Tokyo Disney Resort, announced that it would give up the plan of opening indoor amusement facilities in a local cities. The company, which had been studying the concept of the plan of opening it in 2010, concluded that the realization of the plan was impossible for its bad financial balance. The company planed to open indoor facilities, where families and women can enjoy entertainments, eating and drinking and shopping, using or displeying Disney characters.
It pushed forward a concept development and a market study in cooperation with U.S. Walt Disney, but after all it reached the conclusion that profit to balance with investment of tens of billions of yen per one place was not possible.

Local enterprises and local governments such as Fukuoka Prefecture must be very disappointed, for they expected the opening of Disneyland facilities would be a jumping board for the local vitalization.


Tokyo Disneyland is regarded as a model of the service business.
Various books were published on it from various points of view such as “Philosophy of business”, “Brand power”, “Satisfaction of customers”, “human resource cultivation” etc.
However, a fact that is apt to be overlooked is that Tokyo Disneyland has succeeded to obtain a vast land in the distance of only 15 minutes from Tokyo Station at keen price.
30 billion people live in 100 kilometer zone from Tokyo. This special condition is the greatest “magic” of Disneyland.

It is already proved that the theme park management is difficult in local areas.
The reason is that they cannot easily find repeaters.
Huis Ten Bosch in Nagasaki and Alphatomam in Hokkaido were bankrupted.
I know the people who worked hard with “a dream” and “hospitality” for their enterprise in the same way as those of Tokyo Disneyland. However, it may be said that the game was over before competing.


Tokyo is special in Japan. So you make mistake if you judge a whole Japan standardizing Tokyo.

How will the manager of H & M consider this fact? It is already decided that after Ginza they opens stores in Harajuku and Shibuya. I hope they will win satisfactory result in Tokyo. And where they will make a next move to? That will make a turning point whether or not H & M succeeds in Japan.

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