A love found in Japan Expo

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They are



FUJITA and his fiance Valerie CONCHATRE.

I introduce you a nice couple.

I had invited them to my office in Nishikicho, Kanda for the NHK program “Tokyo kawaii TV”.

Fujita is a young boss of a company Public Art, inc., and have an atelier in Higashinippori, Tokyo. His “Casper John” in Laforet Harajuku are proposing clothes and accessories suitable to the new age, making fashion inspired from music and subculture. He often had appeared on the front page of a magazine KERA, when he was futurizing Gothic-Lolita taste.

Valerie is a French Japan-mania woman, who loves subcultures as music and fashion, and is a walking encyclopedia of manga and music. She was working as a member of staff in the Japan Expo 2007.

And when Fujita was in Paris preparing for his collection in Laforet Harajuku, they had a fortunate encounter in the site of Japan Expo.
I had chance to get several new facts from Valerie.

For instance, long before the start of the Japan Expo before 9 years, there had been many small events of manga lovers in Paris since more than 20 years ago..

Japan Expo itself had begun as a small event with 3 thousand or so visitors. It grew year after year, taking in various subcultures other than mangas, and in 2008 it attained a size of more than 130 visitors as one of the greatest events in Europe.

France is the place, where the number of manga readers is the second largest in the world. Yong persons’ interests in Japan are stretching out from manga to animation, fashion and music. Pumping water up from this stream, they have made flower the Cool Japan on this fecund land.

The event guest of Laforet Harajuku in 2007 was Nana Kitade.
To the question who should be for the event in 2008, Valerie recommended Miyavi….
At this time most of the Japanese staff didn’t know Miyavi. But Fujita strongly supported her to recommend Miyabi, and resulted in that big success.
On Japanese visual-kei bands it may be a good idea to ask opinion from French. .

After one year from that time, in July 2008 these two persons were sitting side by side at a booth in Laforet Harjuku. They will pass the Christmas time in Paris and as soon as the documents of both countries will be ready, they will be get married.

Hujita – the cutting edge of Japanese fashion, and Valerie – a missionary of Japanese subculture. This nice couple will play a big role in the coming events of Cool Japan Expo.

I hope that our good relations will be kept long, including NHK “Kawaii Japan.”

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