A Visit of Ms. Sae Cibot of SEFA-EVENT to our Company

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Kurita, Chigira, Cibot

Sae CIBOT of Societe d’Exploitation des Festivals Asiatique (SEFA), the company which organizes Japan Expo, has visited our office. CHIGIRA, head of the company Apparel Web, and WADA, besides me, welcomed her.

Hitherto Sae Cibot was a coordinator to promulgate Japanese pop culture in France. She worked in DELCOURT, special publishing firms of Japanese mangas, and has concerned herself in the French translation of the manga “NANA”.

She has engaged in the consulting of the TF1 Video and Les Films du Paradoxe in the imaging field. What’s more, she has her own label “soundicious” and had a hand in the production of MUCC.
Appreciated her multifaceted career, she has join the company SEFA in charge of Japanese-related fields.

On Chibi Japan Expo in Marseille:

Once in Southern France were manga events with the name of “Cartoonist”. The scaling up of Japan Expo in Paris influenced the Southern France and the voices were boiled over in the network to invite a similar event there, and Chibi Japan Expo was projected.

The advance tickets of this event are sold (at the time of two months ago) three times as much as those of the Chibi Japan Expo which took place in Paris last autumn. (Chibi Japan Expo in Paris gathered 23,000 visitors in three days.)

And more women and teenagers are seen, she said, among visitors to Chibi Japan Expo than those to the original Japan Expo. And kawaii things are well sold, such as headgears with rabbit ears, accessories, colored tights, sunglasses, belts, T-shirts and so on.
So, SEFA wants to prepare, besides Gothic-Lolita things, also STREET things and the like. For music it wants to have also others besides Visual-Kei.

A problem is that insufficiency of the authentic articles from Japan causes a flourish of fake articles. It hopes many participation of Japanese businesses exclude fake articles.
SERA expects there will be a booth, which will sell articles of Japanese businesses put together.

It is concluded, that we Cool Japan Expo have to help SEFA, asking a help of CHIGIRA’s Apparel Web.

It is in our prospect, that we will sell articles on behalf of the businesses, which confided them to us, performing on-the-spot promotions and researches. And after the event we will feedback to them reports of sales reactions and general on-the-spot reports.

We will send you more information from now on. We welcome your participation.

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