A Meeting with Representatives of SEFA

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Jean-Francois DUFOUR, Kurita

Jean-Francois DUFOUR, Kurita

Now I am in Marseille.
Yesterday I had a first meeting with the representatives of SEFA. They are Jean-Francois DUFOUR, Thomas SIRDEY and Sandrine DUFOUR.

Thomas SIRDEY, Sandrine DUFOUR and Kurita

Thomas SIRDEY, Sandrine DUFOUR and Kurita

I have made some proposals. They were very quick of apprehension and I have found congenial spirit in them.
In March, when they will be in Japan, I will have meeting with them once again to hammer out the details and sign a contract with them as a Japanese partner.
I appreciate them very much for their friendliness, that they have found time for me despite their busyness.

Today the real part of the Chibi Japan Expo is beginning.
Soon “Tokyo Kawaii Shop will open.

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