Gals save Japan!?

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I have read “Gals save Japan!?” in a special edition of the magazine “BRUTUS”, introduced in Cool Japan Blog.

This is a special topic of the magazine that ordinary carries topics as:
* Science of living space 2009 “Small but lavish house.”
* Buddha statues “It’s amusing and cool”
* Special mountain topic “A dialogue with nature and yourself in wood”

Now gals are bringing forth a big movement in our society. Some gals are of an economic effect of 10 billion yen, and some are focus of attention from abroad. Japanese big businesses pay attention on the movement of gal generation. This edition “Gals save Japan” presents and analysis the real aspect of gals, breaking your preconceived notion about them. Make out the possibility of gals to save Japan.

A 10 billion yen gal Tsubasa Matsuwaka;
Eri Momoka, as an Agemo, so a boss;
Buritonii Hamada, manga-ist;

The magazine introduces all celebrity gals from Tokyo University gals to Lolita gals.

Koakuma ageha

Koakuma ageha

Now is the time, when not a success experience nor a fiasco experience are of any use. and you cannot break through the present situation without a novel idea. In the monkey society, the youngest female monkey before others try to wash potato in the stream to eat.
In our society it may be young gals, who try first.

Maybe Mr. Atsushi Miura wants to say that aged people can do nothing new, so rest on gals in the future.

It is laudable for him an aged man to estimate gals, but his inexperience to treat gals is regrettable.

What is a gal at all?

It seems to me, that the project of the topic went without defining the word.
In fashion businees circle the word is understood in relation with the culture of Shibuya and 109, but BRUTUS stand at a loose definition of the word as “an active girls, who can create something new”.
As a result the gals in the context covers from Gothic& Lolita to “Ashiya kai” in Kansai.

Regrettably each author speaks different gals in their article.
Among those stories the column of Kenro Hayamizu is summarized as:
The special remembrance edition of Ai Isjima of the magazine “Koakuma ageha” is a perfect sketch of the 3rd generation of gals. Belonging to the last generation of “Yankee” Ai Iijima is an elder sister of the generation of ko-gals. Her half life is a double of the imagined scenery of Ayumi Hamazaki, the “guru of ko-gals”.
Her traumatic lyrics is just what made teenage girls support her.
What is common in the 3rd generation of AGE gals as Ai Iijima and Ayumi Hamazaki is its brilliant aspect and darkness behind it. They did suppress nothing.

The antipode of the gal is Yuri Ebihara from CanCam, with an ideology of popularity in unspecified majority. The difference is between the boy’s glace and the marriageability.

On the other hand a gal, as Eri Momoka or Tsubasa Masuwaka gets married at the age of 20 or so and gives birth. Gals criticize popularity because they reject to be arrested by the consuming society.

“Koakuma ageha” is said to be the textbook for “Kyaba Jo”. Her work is not for deluxe spending but as a final choice for her independent living. It is a strategy to live in the long lasting depression since 90th years.

“Ever since I was born Japan has been like this, and I don’t understand the depression.”
This phrase, printed on the front cover of the magazine “Koakuma ageha” (March, 2009) may be a declaration to live brilliantly in society accepting the given ground, not making pretext of it..
A new generation was born when Japan lost its status of first rank economical power, followed by a long depression.

This must be an opinion of an author, who knows very well the ground of the present gals.

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