Japan Pop Culture Festival

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Japan Pop Culture Festival

Japan Pop Culture Festival

Japan Pop Culture Festival will take place at Maison de la culture du Japon a Paris (Japan Culture House in Paris),

Japan Culture House in Paris has opened in 1997 with 6 floors above ground, and 5 underground, to constantly introduce Japanese culture covering tea ceremony, flower arrangement, calligraphy, incense burning, martial arts, game of go, Japanese chess etc.
It is the first time for Japanese Foreign Ministry to host an event of animation or fashion overseas. Its simultaneous holding with Japan Expo is to take advantage of the perfect chance when many people interested in Japan will gather. From Japan also “Kawaii ambassador” will be sent.

The general producer of this enterprise is Takamasa Sakurai, who has made speech on the animation culture in 15 cities of 11 countries over the world. His story of his personal experience is no less amusing to hear than that of any professional performer.
And Mr. Sakurai authored a book, named “animation culture diplomacy” and on the jacket are read: “The world loves Japan so much!”.

I have read it through.
It is a book you can read joyfully as if you heard his voice. “In France and Spain girls said they would like to be Japanese in relation with fashion.” His experience doubles also mine.

Also his analysis is steady enough.
Why there are so many Japan fans? Sakurai, based on the process of the widespread of Japanese animation in the world, lays out as follows.

– It was the beginning of 1970th years, when the Japanese animation began going abroad in abundance. The growth of TV stations in these days undoubtedly caused them flowing out. For a new TV station it is indispensable to secure TV programs.

– New programs for a new TV station do not come out easily like a magic performance. Latecomer always suffer from shortage of personnel and budget.

– For these stations there were a perfectly suitable resource – namely, animation.
– An animation film scarcely treats current affairs and are never go out of date. Besides, characters in it generally stateless as in “Heidi, girl of the Alps”, “UFO Robo Grendizer”, “Candy Candy” and so on, and in many cases the films themselves are based on foreign origin.

As a result many watchers were not aware even of the origin of the film. So naturally the Japanese anime have penetrated into the world.

I have heard that a foreign student, insisting that an animation film was from Japan, experienced bulling in France.
– Young people, who brought up by animation has possibility to keep favoring Japan. The number of these young people who has similar sentiment toward Japan will be growing in the future.

In this context the time has come when Japanese Government raises straightforward pop cultures covering animation and fashion.

I recommend you read this book.

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