Asashoryu performed Dohyo-iri

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The 68th yokozuna Asashoryu (朝青龍)performed the Dohyo-iri(土俵入り) at Kokugikan (国技館)in the in the kids event of somo on Aug.29, 2009.
The Dohyo-iri was first performed in 1789 by Yokozuna Tanikaze. After the Makkuchi Dohyo-iri is complete and the rikishi have left the dohyo (土俵), the Yokozuna enters with the head Gyoji (行司) and two attendants. The two attendants are active rikishi who must be below Ozeki rank but must still be in the Makkuchi division.

The first step in the Dohyo-iri is a loud clap to alert the gods. The second step, raising arms, shows that no weapons are concealed. By stomping the feet, the Yokozuna scares away the evil spirits. If there is more than one Yokozuna, they will take turns going first, but each Yokozuna must perform the ceremony every day of the tournament.

Asashoryu performed Dohyo-iri


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