Nice to meet you!

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Hello, guys.

My name is Miyuki.

I’ve been working as an English tour guide for a while, specializing in Japanese Pop culture

like fashion and anime.

In my free time, I enjoy shopping, watching movies and travelling.

In this blog, I’ll introduce “Japanese Pop fashion”.

It’s fun to see girls wearing unique clothes in Tokyo.

We can get the information from magazines, TV, and on the Net.

Now, around 100 or more fashion magazines are published in a month.

The models have a lot of influence on Japanese girls and women.

We like to have the same clothes with them or arrange the items in our own way.



Anyway, such magazines could be one of the sources to get the new information on fashion.

Personally, I get the information from some of them, so let’s share them in this blog!

From next time, I’ll write about some pieces of them.

See you soon!

Miyuki Onishi

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One Response to “Nice to meet you!”

Comment from kurita
Time 10/11/2009 at 22:55

Thank you for your entry Miyu, we hope you enjoy the space you selected!


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