ZAKKA : The Japanese secrets treasures.

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Only the Japanese have the secret key for happy moment.

This key is the one of most beautifully our culture, wisdom for live,the special anyway.

What  is  this  key ?         How do you guessed?

Zen?  ZEN

Sushi ?  SUSHI



Tell me !     OK!    final answer ?      uhooo,,       is not a correct.

These are not already secret.         We can find these in every nation now a day.

OK ! I tell you the answer Now.                 The answer is ZAKKA.

First time you hear I guessed.



We Japanese really loved ZAKKA like sushi  comics or more.

If have the time, we doing ZAKKA shop hopping & looking for good ZAKKA items.

See the Tokyo, town like jiyugaoka ,kichijyozi or other places where many ZAKKA store located.

We can find many of pilgrims to ZAKKA store everyday like people heading to Mecca or Ganges.

They will find good ZAKKA items with the state of the wonderful heart like pilgrims.

So far, ZAKKA is only the Japanese people’s treasures.

But this treasure will find soon  the people of all over the nations & spreds like Sushi bar or comics I guessed.

Hi! Dear friends.

My name is J Maeda call me JJ.


I will take you to ZAKKA world that Japanese secret & change your life little more fun & rich.

I have to tell you, who I am.

I am founder of couple of ZAKKA stores & over the hundreds of ZAKKA store I made.

Thousands of ZAKKA items I made per every years.

I work for ZAKKA business couple of decade long from infancy time ZAKKA.

AND,,,,I am the person who most enthusiastic pilgrim of ZAKKA.

ZAKKA is items but not items.

ZAKKA is business format but not business format.

ZAKKA is mental activity…..

Talk like monk?  Confused a bit?

OK! Start your ZAKKA life & enjoy it anyway!

1つ星2つ星3つ星4つ星5つ星 (まだ評価されていません)

2 Responses to “ZAKKA : The Japanese secrets treasures.”

Comment from kurita
Time 10/11/2009 at 22:58

Thank you for your entry JJ, we hope you enjoy the blog!


Comment from JJ
Time 11/11/2009 at 10:18

Congratulations ! start this web Tenkai-Japan!
Lots of people will meet & good things happen at this web I hoped.
Big steps from here.
Keep on your ZAKKA !
Thanks JJ

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