Are you planning to come to Japan?

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Hi there!!  Welcome to my world. 

 I am not realy a typical Japanese person but I am so called international, bit westernized English speaking tour guide. 

I had been living in New Zealand for 22 years after I had an oppotunity to work at local hotel in Rotorua as a Japanese representative.  My carrier is always with the hospitality industry entire my life. 

I think it is enough to tell you about my history.  You may understand who I am.  Utsunomiya near Nikko National Park, World Heritage is the city I live.  It is about 100km away from Tokyo.  It takes less than one hour from Tokyo by shinkansen.

Utsunomiya is the capital of Tochigi prefecure and more than a half million people live in this city.  Nikko is the third lagest city in Japan and the size of the city occupies a quater of Tochigi prefecuture.  It is a quite large city but less than 100,000 people dwelling there. 

I am going to write mainly about Utsunomiya, Nikko and others in Tochigi prefecture.  I hope this blog enchorages overseas people to plan to visit our beautiful country and nice people.

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One Response to “Are you planning to come to Japan?”

Comment from Makoto Kurita
Time 12/11/2009 at 13:35

Thank you for your entry Jack Amano, I hope you enjoy it!


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