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Let me introduce myself.

My name is 三浦清司 or Kiyoshi Miura. Friends of mine, sometimes call me “kikki.” I am a writer of the column named “Enjoy! Bathing in Onsen. However, I never say “I’m a Onsen expert.” I am just helping for one of famed architectural designer specialized in Onsen facilities. I usually take a part of feasibility study for new Onsen project under him. The task requires me gathering much information regarding to various kinds of Onsen facilities in Japan. Therefore I can provide you something interesting information about Onsen. But, I still have a handicap on writing proper English, because I am not a native English speaker. You will find something funny expressions in my writing. If you find out something  wrong and poor parts, please let me know how to improve them for brushing up my writing.

I am also participating in a activity named “The International Cultural Exchange Program” under N.P.O. HIBIKI, authorized by the Meiji Shrine. We provide a guided tour for foreign visitors in order to introduce Japanese culture.

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One Response to “Self-introduction”

Comment from Makoto Kurita
Time 12/11/2009 at 13:34

Thank you for your entry Kikki, I hope you enjoy it!


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