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AKB48 with Tamori on Fuji TV’s popular long-running noon show “Waratte Iitomo”

AKB48 with Tamori on Fuji TV’s popular long-running noon show “Waratte Iitomo”

AKB48 made their debut on popular long-running noon show Waratte Iitomo(笑っていいとも!).

Waratte Iitomo is a Japanese variety show aired every weekday on Fuji TV. The show is hosted by Tamori (タモリ) and has run since 1982.  The show is made in the Studio Alta building located in Shinjuku.

The girls appeared on the segment “Tele-shocking Corner,” making it the first time in the show’s history that 33 people have participated simultaneously.

AKB48 is an all-female Japanese theater/idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto (秋元 康). They are theatre-based and have their own theatre in Akihabara (秋葉原) where they perform once every weekday, and twice on both Saturday and Sunday.

Seeing the troupe lined up on stage, host Tamori said in awe, “I haven’t seen this many young girls on here in a long time.” Tamori took it upon himself to introduce all 33 members, but by the time he was finished, the segment had run out of time.

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2 Responses to “AKB48 ×Waratte Iitomo”

Comment from TERRY
Time 15/11/2009 at 00:44

AKB48 is great ! Now I think the members are no longer idols within only limited area of Akihabara, but becoming popular nationwide or even worldwide. They have already made a huge success at the Cool Japan Expo in Paris France, and Anime festival in New York USA this year. Now they are becoming able to sing in English and even French !! I am looking forward to their further success ☆

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