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Kogashiyama Kogashiyama is the highest moutain in Utsunomiya.  Only 583m.

I was asked my firiend to climb Mt. Nantai with French climber as an Interpreter/Guide a couple months ago.  Mt. Nantai is 2,486m high and there is Okunoin-shrine on the summit which I have never ever seen it, therefore I got the job.  Unfortuntately I could not accomplish my job due to my health condition.

Now you understand why I am talking about 583m mountain.  Yes, I started to train myself to climb high mountain with my clients without hesitation.  Although only 583m mountain is not so easy for the beginner.  I have learned I need more physical training before climb Mt. Nantai next year.  We can climb Mt Nantai from May to October.

Map:Kogashiyama (古賀志山)

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2 Responses to “Kogashiyama”

Comment from Makoto Kurita
Time 25/11/2009 at 20:19

Hi,Jack, Thank you for new post.I just added a map of the Kogashiyama.How do you like it?

Comment from TERRY
Time 02/12/2009 at 07:29

Hi, Jack-san, it is so great that you keep training for mountain climbing ! I myself has no energy nor vigour like you do, but I am considering taking a special programme to get a certificate of mountain tour escort which is supplied by the tour service school that I graduated from last year as you know.

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