KICHIJYOJI : get your treasules

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Dear friends

OK! Start your tours of ZAKKA !

Some area of Tokyo, we can find many of free standing ZAKKA stores.

Area like Jiyugaoka  Kichijyoji,  Shimokitazawa  & others.

If you manna do ZAKKA store hopping, free stand better than in shopping center.

It’s fun anyway!

First area is kichijyoji where east area of Tokyo,

You can easy to access from Shibuya, Shinjyuku or narita airport directly.

This area is prize every year  : a town to want live most:

We doing many ZAKKA stores hopping & do treasure hunt in this area.

kitijyouzi edo

:Ukiyoe kichijyoji  EDO ERA:

When you arrive to Kichijyoji, you can check Watashi no heya store at station building soon.


This store sells beautiful house ware in Japanese or European style & others,

I like this stores choice, especially Japanese ceramics or kitchen ware.

Relax wear also nice!

kitijyouzi watasinoheya

Then we go out from stations building, you will see hundreds of people makes long line for purchasing meet crocket soon.

We have to charge energy for ZAKKA store hopping, we will stand in line.

kichijyoji menti

:people mekes the line:

kichijyouji menti2


But preparedness is required.

We have to wait about 1hour for purchase this.

Tokyo Style lines up and buys a good thing, can you believe this! But it’s true.

A next door is a procession which is not believed more.

People make long line in early of morning for purchasing Japanese sweets.

If you want buy this, join this line at about 4:00am to 8:30am.

kichijyoji ozasa

:OZASA Japanese sweets shop:

Hard to believed, but it is a procession every day for couple of decade long.

Take long time for stand in line, today is time up!

Bye for now !

1つ星2つ星3つ星4つ星5つ星 (まだ評価されていません)

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