Otoshidama Kit Kat

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Kit kat otoshidama

Kit kat otoshidama

On New Year’s Day, Japanese people have a custom of giving money to kids. This is known as otoshidama (お年玉). Kids, who can receive otoshidama will love this chocolate from Nestle.The word “otoshidama” is printed on the front of the package and features a tiger, the Chinese zodiac sign for 2010, on the back.

In recent years, Kit Kats have become very popular in Japan, a phenomenon attributed to the coincidental similarity between the bar’s name and the Japanese phrase kitto katsu (きっと勝つ), which roughly translates to “You will surely win!”
It is also in Japan that Kit Kat has a variety of different flavours emerge, although each for a limited time. Some examples include, maple syrup, melon, vanilla bean, grape, apple, banana, caramel, kiwifruit, azuki, green tea, yuzu and cherry blossom.

kitkat various flavors

kitkat various flavors

The otoshidama version Kit Kat comes with an otoshidama gift envelope attached. On sale at local post offices through Jan.15 for 120 yen.

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