Hideki Togi’s “Blue Ocean”illuminations in Caretta Shiodome

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"Blue Ocean"illuminations in Caretta Shiodome

"Blue Ocean"illuminations in Caretta Shiodome

Caretta Shiodome is lit up under the theme of “Blue Ocean.”

It is revisiting last year’s theme with Hideki Togi (東儀秀樹) returning to produce the illuminations and accompanying music.

 Hideki Togi

Hideki Togi

Hideki Togi (born Oct.12 ,1959 ) is a Japanese traditional music player and composer. He played an old Japanese court music, Gagaku (雅楽), as a public servant from 1986 to 1996. He makes a new age music with traditional Japanese wind instruments and modern instruments. He is one of the most popular instrumental artists in Japan.

Caretta Shiodome is a multipurpose complex with restaurants, shops, theaters and more. It is the first of several skyscrapers to open in the newly developed area between Ginza, Shimbashi and Hamamatsucho.

It is divided into three zones. The bottom three floors are fashioned in the image of a waterfall flowing down through a canyon, and is aptly named the Canyon Terrace. The spiraling stairwell leads to restaurants, cafes and the Shiki Theater Company’s Dentsu Shiki Theater SEA. The two underground floors house select restaurants, cafes, shochu and Japanese tea shops, along with free entry to Japan’s first advertising museum, Ad Museum Tokyo.

The light display is on each night from 5 p.m. until 11:30 p.m. through Jan 11.

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