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Japanese chose to bathe in the ever changing nature
Architect Hiroshi Ebisawa, a specialist for onsen design, usually says that Japanese people believed in the onsen water’s medicinal and spiritual healing power. But the design scope of the onsen remained simple, as an outdoor bath. Japanese felt that grandeur architecture did not fit well with its culture. They chose to bathe in the comfort of the ever changing nature.

As we try searching the true Japanese spirit of out door bathing, why don’t we learn through Ebisawa’s work, meanwhile?

Mr. Ebisawa and His Works
Mr. Ebisawa started Onsen design for “Unyu Tenzan” in Hakone Yumoto Onsen in Kanagawa Prefecture during the mid 80s.
Hakone Yumoto Unyu Tenzan gave me the start in my Onsen Design career, Ebisawa says in his book titled “Onsen.” During the mid 80’s Onsen facilities in Japan was going through a changes, as an attraction for corporate organized party trips, to a rehabilitation and health destination. It is like a Japanese form of a traditional German kurhaus.
Including Hakone Tenzan, he has created several characteristic onsen facilities.

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