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 TENZAN TOHJI-KYO in Hakone Onsen resort is designed by Hiroshi Ebisawa, one of the leading architects specialized in Onsen facility. “Hakone Tenzan” started as an Onsen, provided only for day trippers, although, recently it added a few guest rooms for people who like to stay one or two nights.
Hakone is well known for its many hot-springs, easy access from Tokyo and beautiful scenery including view of Mt. Fuji.

Tenzan is located along the river.

Tenzan is located along the river.


It was about two decades ago that I first visited TENZAN TOHJI-KYO in Hakone while I had worked for one of the leading resort hotels in Japan as a staff for the planning section. The resort hotel that I had worked for was interested in Onsen business open for day-trippers at that moment. Hakone Tenzan was regarded as one of the good examples of this kind. I amazed in its good designed facilities located at the site between valleys along the river. Actually, this is the Mr. Ebisawa’s first design for Onsen facilities. I tried to make an appointment to see him through the chief engineer from a construction company. Since then I could kept close relationship with him.

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Comment from Sarah
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I am planning to go to the Tenzan Tohju-Kyo with a friend of mine (when we’re travelling trhough Japan next year). I was wondering if it is possible to enter the onsen when you have 1 little tattoo. My friend has one and i couldnt find an email of the Onsen. Maybe you can help me answering this question?

Thanks in advance,

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