Don’t wrongly go into “Ikkyu” as you visit “Unyu Tenzan”.

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Soon after arriving to the site, you will see a large rectangular building. It looks like a residence of feudal lord in Edo Period or a historical Buddhist temple; anyway it is something very remarkable. This bathhouse is an annex of “Unyu Tenzan” named “Ikkyu.” We may not proceed into “Ikkyu” this time, but visit “Unyu Tenzan” first.

"Ikkyu", Annex Bathhouse of "Unyu Tenzan" .

"Ikkyu", Annex Bathhouse of "Unyu Tenzan" .

The entrance of “Unyu Tenzan” is just left side of “Ikkyu.” Step up on stairway, there is a ticket machine for entrance fee.

You feel something different when you step into a building after getting through the entrance gate. The bathhouse is built like an old tea house in typical Japanese landscape garden. The design created by Mr. Ebisawa is very sophisticated and high quality. You never compare to second-rate bathing facilities in town.

The entrance path from the gate.

The entrance path from the gate.

Each step in proceeding  inside, you will be able to satisfy with its rather simple interior. The bathhouse of “Unyu Tenzan” provides typical Japanese tatami-mat rooms and easy sofas for resting after Onsen bathing. A long hallway is intentionally cut in short pieces on the way and arranged several corners as giving different views for visitors.

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