Satoshi Tsumabuki’s “Tenchijin” the most successful Dorama 2009

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According to the Oricon survey, NHK dorama “Tenchijin (天地人)” was the most successful this year.

The survey looked at all the ratings of doramas this year and listed the Top10 and this ranking is about the ratings of single episodes.

Dorama is a Japanese term describing a popular type of TV series. Japanese dorama are defined by a set of characteristics similar to an American miniseries, lasting several months. The more popular dorama that are broadcast in the evening occupy a wide range of genres, including romance, crime drama, horror, humor, or any combination of these broader categories.

Naoe kanestugu's kabuto

Naoe kanestugu's kabuto

Tenchijin is aired on NHK every Sunday evening spanning 47 episodes. The story centers on the life of the 16th century samurai Naoe Kanetsugu (直江兼続) and  popular actor Satoshi Tsumabuki  (妻夫木聡) played the role.

Dorama Ratings Top 10 (2009)

01 Tenchijin (NHK )26.0% (Episode 03)
02 JIN (TBS) 25.3% (Final)
03 Mr. Brain (TBS) 24.8% (Episode 01)
04 Code Blue SP (Fuji TV) 23.1% (SP)
05 Aibo Season 7 (TV Asahi) 21.7% (Episode 18)
06 Keiji Ichidai (TV Asahi) 21.6% (Episode 02)
07 Sazae-san (Fuji TV) 20.9% (SP)
08 BOSS (Fuji TV) 20.7% (Final)
09 Welkame (NHK) 20.6% (Episode 10)
10 Niini no Koto wo Wasurenaide (NTV) 20.5% (SP)

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