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 HAPPY NEW YEAR, every one !!

Now, we  have a new year of 2010 (or  2670  in the old Japanese calendar ).

I am now eating ” toshikoshi soba” ( /年越しそば) (year-crossing buckwheat noodles) with my family.  It is traditonal to eat buckwheat noodle or anyother type of noodles on and from the new year’s eve through the new year’s day. This is because Japanese people wish our happiness will last for a long time and we can enjoy longevity as we eat something “long” like noodles. 2004soba3

We buy toshikoshi soba or some make themselves like my father liked to do.

 Some soba restaurants keep open from Dec.31 through Jan.1st all nght long to serve toshikoshi soba. thumbnailCARCGAN2





 According to the  Chinese zoidiac which we also use in Japan, this is

the year of the Tiger .tiger

I do hope every one will be very happy this year  ♪

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