Koyuki X Suntory highball

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Koyuki X Suntory

Koyuki X Suntory

Suntory’s highball whisky commercials featuring Koyuki(小雪).She wearing a splendid kimono as she gets into their fine whisky.

Koyuki(born Dec.18, 1976) is a Japanese model and actress. She started her modeling career in 1995 and has since starred in various Japanese dramas, TV and magazine ad campaigns and films. Her first international film was The Last Samurai where she played Taka, the wife of a Samurai slain by the character played by Tom Cruise, Nathan Algren.

Koyuki informs viewers that chilling the whisky beforehand enhances the flavor, and says that one part whisky to three parts soda is the standard, but then adds a little more whisky for good measure. She reminds viewers that you shouldn’t mix the drink around too much, or the carbonation will escape, leaving you with a flat, lifeless beverage.

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