Hatsumoude (First visit shrines and temples in new year holidays)

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Unfortunately I cannot tell you about Tochigi this time.  Every year my father in law staying with us on New year’s eve and New Year’s day.  He is a paraplegic so that my wife and myself are quite busy when he is at home.  I will tell you about the relationship between husband and wife, in-laws etc. near future.

Anyway, my wife and I have been to my mother’s place to do New Year’s greetings.  We stayed Hiratsuka a couple days and whole my family decided to go to Daiyuzan Saijoji temple (founded more than 600 years ago) to pray for a long life and happiness for the year.  It took us nearly a couple hours by car due to the traffic jam which we have expected.  The day we visited was the first day we are allowed to come up the parking lot nearby.  We have to park the car out skirt of the city and we have to use the shuttle bus on January 1st, 2nd and 3rd . 

We prayed there and we bought Omikuji (fortune written on slips of paper)which people normally do at shrines and temples.  I almost forgot to tell you about “osaisen”.  Before we pray in front of  the statue, we can find the box which is expected a lot of money dropped by the visitors those who are wishing for a good luck.  You must prepare coins before you pray in Japan.  Those donations are very helpful and only the season temples and shrines received, I suppose.  Sorry for no photos this time.

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