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Happy New Year!!

This is my first writing of this year.

I wish all of you have wonderful days.


In Japan, a lot of tailors and department stores have an interesting custom of selling “lucky bags” during the New Year’s holidays.


These days, getting the “lucky bag” of a favorite brand is becoming an important event for fashion lovers once in a year.


Usually, we don’t know what’s in the bag until we get it.

Some examples are coat, knit, skirt, and shirt, something like that.

One bag has several clothes more in total than the purchase price.

 2010_0114happybag0039   2010_0114happybag0040  2010_0114happybag0047  2010_0114happybag0048

 All of these, one-piece, knit, cardigan, coat, and jacket, were in one lucky bag. I wear them right away.


This lucky bag custom is special to Japan. In the old days, department stores or retail shops packed their stock which couldn’t be sold at the regular prices and sold them as small surprise of the New Year.

However, year by year, the competition for selling lucky bags has become harder and harder. The packed clothes are more than just the prices.

Now a lot of stores show what’s in the bag to appeal more shoppers.


In big cities in Tokyo, like Shibuya, Harajyuku, and Ginza, a lot of young girls and women line up in front of the stores and wait for the opening to get the lucky bag from the night of the New Year’s Eve!

They even come from local areas by a long-distance bus or airplane.

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