Reborn, Hakone Onsen “TENSEIEN”

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Renewl opened "TENSEI-EN" in Hakone Onsen

Renewl opened "TENSEI-EN" in Hakone Onsen

One of the famed old Japanese Inns in Hakone Onsen, “TENSEIEN” was totally changed under the  joint-management with the  “MANYO-NO-YU” Group. The time honored inn reopened on December 16, 2009 after renewal construction started in 2008. New attraction of the Onsen is “TENKU-DAIROTEN-BURO” or Grand Open-air Bath under the sky that is built on the roof top this time. Why don’t you enjoy viewing of starry sky while taking Onsen?

Grand Open-air Onsen "TENKU-DAIROTEN-BURO"

Grand Open-air Onsen "TENKU-DAIROTEN-BURO"

The landscape garden, including famous two waterfalls “TMADARE-NO-TAKI” or Beads of Water Dropping Waterfall and “HIEN-NO-TAKI” or Swallow Flying Waterfall, was also beautifully rearranged. It is said that Ms. Akiko Yosano

(1878-1942), a well-known Japanese poet, loved the waterfalls and often visited the site.

Beautiful View of Waterfalls in the Hotel Garden

Beautiful View of Waterfalls in the Hotel Garden

Everything is changed under the new management, but I suppose their service has not been properly organized. We sometimes hear complains and bad comments from their guests. The service people may be still confused with revised service manual and needed on the job training. The inn was evaluated as 3.27 of 5.0 by their guests on the “RAKUTEN” website and 3.85 by “JARAN”. However, it is too early to examine their quality of service because it is not unusual to hear unfavorable reputation among guests, especially in the early stage of operation. Anyway, you better just enjoy taking a quick Onsen bath in a short visit rather than staying overnight. Service standard of other facilities under “MANYO-NO-YU” is usually quite high. Through my long experience working in the same industry, I can imagine existing problems and I am sure that they can adjust the way of service in detail and improve the situation promptly. Experience will be good solution for those novices under the new manual book.

It takes about 85 minutes from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo to Hakone-yumoto Station by the super express train on Odakyu Line. From the station, you can enjoy 10 to 15 minutes walking on the beautiful path along the Sukumo-gawa River before arriving at the hotel.

Guests’ Evaluation on the Jaran Website

Overall Evaluation 3.85    
Room: 3.8 Onsen: 4.6
Breakfast: 3.9 Dinner: 3.2
Hospitality: 3.2 Cleanliness: 4.3

Guests’ Evaluation on the Rakuten Website

Overall Evaluation 3.27    
Room: 3.73 Onsen: 4.36
Location 3.73 Food: 2.91
Hospitality: 3.36 Facility, Amenity: 3.27


General Information

Name: Hotel Tenseien
Address: 682, Yumoto, Hakone, Ashigara-shimo-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone: 0460-83-8511

Fee for a quick bathing

Adult: 2,450yen (Inclusive tax)
Child: 1,250yen
Preschool child: 940yen




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