Gothic & Lolita Club Event “Classic A la mode 02”

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Classic Alamode 02

Classic Alamode 02

On Feb. 24th I visited for information gathering “Classic A la mode 02” a Gothic & Lolita Club event with specially extended site.This is an event with conventionalized beauty of Gothic and Lolita and drifting fantastic music, evoking the mood of a live salon in good old days.

Its atmosphere is that of Japan Expo with booths of fashion and accessories. Count D’s Valentine, its organizer, told me, that contacts with him from abroad are increasing.

Classic Alaomde02

Classic Alaomde02

Its inhabitants, dressed up, and swaggering about, say in protest, “Many take us for Cosplayers but it’s wrong!”

Cosplayers play other persons than its own selves, but for Gothic & Lolita the costume they wear is their formal dress, and it represents their true self.

In everyday life they pass time in temporary mask, and only here they can come back to their true self.

Among vending booths Alice Garden enjoys best popularity.

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland

Alice in wonderland
”, “Rabbit”, “Fantasy” are three motifs, which are silver access brand with fairy- tale-like world view.
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