Namie Amuro’s PAST < FUTURE hits No. 1 in Asia

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Namie Amuro's PAST < FUTURE

Namie Amuro's PAST < FUTURE

Namie Amuro(安室奈美恵)  has created a new record for female Japanese artists after her album “PAST < FUTURE” was listed as number one on the music charts of five countries.

Past<Future is the ninth studio album released on December 16, 2009. The album comes over two years after her last original studio album, Play (2007). Amuro states that she sees the album as a “brand new start” following the highly successful release of the greatest hits compilation, “BEST FICTION”.

Her previous album “BEST FICTION” made it to the top in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong, but her current album – on sale since December – has taken it one step further and has risen to the top in Singapore as well.

Amuro is currently busy preparing for her upcoming national tour which starts on April 3, and will see her perform in 73 shows over the course of the year.

“PAST < FUTURE” has already sold over 300,000 copies domestically, the first time in nearly 10 years for the sexy performer.

Track listing:“PAST < FUTURE”

1. “Fast Car” Tiger/Anne Judith Wik/Ronny Svendsen/Robin Jensen/Nermin Harambasic/Chris Young Dsign Music 3:20
2. “Copy That” T.Kura/Michico T.Kura for Giant Swing Productions 4:25
3. “Love Game” Double/Anthony Anderson/Joleen Belle/Jaden Michaels/Steve Smith Anthony Anderson & Steve Smith for SA TrackWorks Productions 3:39
4. “Bad Habit” N.Djafari/H.Lira/T.Gustafsson/I-P Lira/Tiger H.Lira/T.Gustafsson/I-P Lira for Random Music 3:10
5. “Steal My Night” Jeff Miyahara/Kanata Okajima Jeff Miyahara 3:32
6. “First Timer (feat. DOBERMAN INC)” T.Kura/Michico/Doberman Inc T.Kura for Giant Swing Productions 5:24
7. “Wild” T.Kura/Michico T.Kura for Giant Swing Productions 3:22
8. “Dr.” Nao’ymt Nao’ymt 5:41
9. “Shut Up” Nao’ymt Nao’ymt 4:08
10. “My Love” Hiro Hiro for Digz, Inc. 4:04
11. “The Meaning of Us” MOMO “mocha” N./U-key zone U-Key zone 4:28
12. “Defend Love” Nao’ymt Nao’ymt 4:03


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