Chocolate for Sweet St.Valentin’s Day at PRINTEMPS GINZA

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We love sweets!  We enjoy this sweet chocolate season! In Japan, males get chocolate from females on St. Valentine’s Day, Feb.14th.

PRINTEMPS GINZA holds special Valentine’s fair from Jan 19th to Feb 14th. The largest number of chocolate shops ever, 68 shops, set up 5 special sites and each site has its own concept.

We used to see St. Valentine’s Day as the day for females who show their love to males by giving chocolate. Also they give chocolate to someone who usually support or help them, like co-workers, boss, and family. To find better gifts, they buy chocolate for “preparation”. That could be a good excuse though, they enjoy this Valentine’s season.


Basically, Japanese like the idea of giving someone a gift to show their gratitude. However, the situation has been changing year by year.

Kumi Iizuka, who is in charge of the Public Relations Department,says “Recently, females enjoy this event for themselves. They exchange chocolate each other.”

It’s called “jyoshi-choco (女子チョコ)”, which means “Girl’s chocolate”. Or they buy chocolate for themselves. It’s called “To Me chocolate”.

Females who are sensitive to the latest trends look for something unique and fabulous for joy. So, even though the prices are little bit higher than the usual chocolate, they choose the special one to have sweet time once in a year :-).


Anyway, to attract more these new style Valentine’s gift lovers, a lot of shops offer really cute, colorful, and awesome chocolate.

In the next story, I’ll show you some of the popular shops in PRINTEMPS GINZA.
Chocolate for Sweet St. Valentine’s Day at PRINTTEMPS GINZA 2


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