Hakone Tenzan, Annex Bathhouse “IKKYU”

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Hakone Tenzan, Annex Bathhouse "IKKYU".

Hakone Tenzan, Annex Bathhouse "IKKYU".

During the five years between the opening of expanded new Tenzan in 1987 and additional eating places in 1991, an important social and economy change in policy occurred. Since Japanese yen became stronger in 1885, the government had been encouraging consumers to spend their money domestically. In 1987, Resort Resolution was passed, which gave special tax exemption, to local governments to development of leisure resorts. Over 30 organizations jumped on the opportunity to develop resort hotels, golf courses, ski slopes, and onsen facilities.

The law boosted people traveling somewhere around domestically. Thanks to the law, Unyu Tenzan became very popular especially for one day trippers. A Large number of bathers rushed in and made a long waiting line at the gate of Unyu Tenzan. 180 car parking spaces were often over capacity. For the regular customers who just wanted to take a quick onsen bath, it was quite inconvenient. To remedy the condition, annex bathhouse was built in 1993 and named “IKKYU” or “Short Rest”.

Hakone Tenzan, "IKKYU" Entrance.

Hakone Tenzan, "IKKYU" Entrance.

“IKKYU” dedicated to bathing only with no restaurants or resting areas included. Architect, Mr. Hiroshi Ebisawa considered “openness” as the concept of Annex Bathhouse and therefore there were no windows or doors built. And also there is no division between the bathing and dressing area. Actually, it is one large space that continues to open over to the surrounding nature. Equipment of subfloor heating keeps bathers warm, and air-conditioning system is skillfully employed preventing from dewdrops on the walls and floors. Timber of long aged pure “HINOKI” Japanese cypress was used as materials for bathtubs, washing areas, and floor. The “HINOKI” cypress tub has a nice fragrance and is easy to the touch, but also very delicate to care for. It requires being emptied and dried once a week for keeping its surface with beautiful grain. That is why, “IKKYU” never runs all year round but has one day off weekly.

Hakone Tenzan, "IKKYU" Changing Area.

Hakone Tenzan, "IKKYU" Changing Area.

Hakone Tenzan, "IKKYU" Outdoor Bath.

Hakone Tenzan, "IKKYU" Outdoor Bath.

The construction was completed in October, 1993, and still, 90,000 bathers enjoy annually “quick bath”. After the opening of the new annex, the condition of the parking space has been remedied.

General Information

Name: Unyu Tenzan, Annex Bathhouse “IKKYU”
Address: 208, Yumoto-chaya, Hakone, Ashigara-shimo-gun, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone: 0460-85-8819
Homepage http://tenzan.jp/
Regular Holiday Thursdays

Entrance Fee (Inclusive tax.)





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