Cool Japan Poster: Hakone

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Cool Japan Hakone

Cool Japan Hakone

The Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the government entity created to promote tourism from overseas, announced on January 25 that it co-created an English Evangelion tourism pamphlet and “Cool Japan Poster: Hakone” with the Evangelion character Rei Ayanami against the backdrop of Hakone’s Lake Ashi and nearby Mount Fuji.

JNTO notes that Anime Expo (in Los Angeles with about 40,000 attendees), New York Anime Festival (New York, 21,000), Otakon (Baltimore 27,000), and Japan Expo (Paris, 165,000) demonstrate that there are many people overseas who became interested in Japan through anime.

Evangelion Hakone Instrumentality Map

Evangelion Hakone Instrumentality Map

Hakone is less than 100 kilometers from Tokyo. Famous for Onsen (hot springs), natural beauty and the view of nearby Mt. Fuji, Hakone is one of the most popular destinations among Japanese and international tourists looking for a break from Tokyo.


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