Video:Yui Aragaki’s pajama dance in “Asahi 16cha” CM

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Yui Aragaki’s pajama dance

Yui Aragaki’s pajama dance

Yui Aragaki(新垣結衣) presented the new commercial for the morning blend tea “Asahi 16cha”, which has been the most popular drink of Asahi Inryo ever since it went on sale in 1993.

Aragaki, born June 11,1988, is a Japanese idol, model, actress and singer.
She started working as the image character for “Asahi 16cha” in 2009 and the newest commercial features the cute actress dancing around in a pajama to Iyo Matsumoto‘s (松本伊予) song “Sentimental Journey (センチメンタル・ジャーニー).”

She does a nice job of parodying the song and the choreography of the song. The stage for the PR-Event was prepped with a bed and Gakky sitting on top of it with 16cha and wearing a striped pajama. “For Yui, it’s 16cha in the morning~,” the slogan of the commercial.

Video:Yui Aragaki’s pajama dance in “Asahi 16cha” (2010)

Video:Iyo Matsumoto’s “Sentimental Journey” (1982)

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