“Tokyo Sky Tree” will debut in spring 2012 –an interview with its spokespeople(Part 2)

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In the office of  TOBU  TOWER SKYTREE Co.,Ltd., the spokesperson  Mochizuki emphasized that  the company makes every effort to streamline expenses , which is actually very important  so as to spend a large part of  the total budget of  the Tokyo Sky Tree Development Project  -that is about 135 billion yen in total-  intensively on  just construction work of  the Tree itself.

Mochizuki  granted us an interview and  pointed out the Project  in detail.  The  outline of  the Project is as follows;



Chronological Account of  Development ;

The Tokyo Sky Tree project first proposed by NHK and other  major  five  terrestrial  broadcasters in Tokyo  as the “New Tower Promotion project by six operators in Japan”  requiring  a new  high TV tower of   600 M high  in December 2003. Then,  local entities concerned in Sumida-ward Tokyo approached Tobu Railway Co.,Ltd. to ask for cooperation in the bid for the new tower in December 2004.   After that, Tobu Railway announced its decision to take part in the project for the new tower to the broadcasting companies and Sumida-ward in February 2005.

In March of that year, the broadcasters selected Oshiage area of Sumida-ward as the first choice  site and  the city planning project  was finalized, including rearrangement of  town lots, business zones, and  urban roads. And four months later in July,the local bidding entities of Sumida and Taito wards got together in launching the ” Sumida-Taito New Tower Bidding Liasion Council” .  Then,  five months later in December, an approval was given to the founding of the ” Land Readjustment Association (approved to the Project) .

In 2006, final decision was made on the site of the new tower in March, ” New Tokyo Tower Co.,Ltd” was established to serve as the operating body of the new tower project in May, and the “Rising East Project”  launched to communicate the concept of the joint  development project and the new tower as the core element in October.

In 2007, public participation was invited for deciding the name of the new tower in October,  and the ” City Planning Liaison Council ” formed consisting of from members from neighboring block associations in November.

In  2008,  the City Planning was finalized (changes in use of  districts, district planning, etc. ) in March,  the new tower was named ” Tokyo Sky Tree” by nationwide vote,  the company’s  name was revised to ” Tobu Skytree  Co., ltd.”  in June, and the construction kicked off in July.

In February 2009, the color designed was finalized, and in October, the lighting design for Tokyo Sky Tree was finalized and the planned height  of  Tokyo Sky Tree was finalized to be 634 M.



○Development  Schedule ;

The construction started in July 2008.  The  construction is scheduled to be completed in December 2011.  And Tokyo Sky Tree will have its grand opening in spring 2012.

As  all the current analog broadcasting  services are going to terminate on Jul. 24 2011 and will be all replaced by the terrestrial digital broadcasting services completely,  our society need a  new TV tower  which is supposed to better serve the upcoming higher and larger demands of services than the current ones. That was why major broadcasters first  proposed a project of  building a new TV tower.

And the reason why this Oshiage area in Sumida-ward succeeded in at the bidding is also significant.   As written before, the local  chamber of  commerce and industry, local  neighboring  associations all got together to invite the project to the area and approached Tobu Railway. Therefore, there have been no protest movements or troubles with the Project at all, and Tobu Railway and its group have kept  very good relationships with the local Council and local people. What is more, Tobu Tower Skytree Co., incorporated  specifically for the construction and management of the new tower by Tobu group  has hosted a regular meeting of  the “City Planning Liaison Council ” once a month, which has chairpersons of 29 neighboring block associations as its members, in order to exchange opinions and keep close mutual trust and understanding. This is because Tobu has the basic concept of  simultaneous prosperous developments of  both the new tower itself and the local area as a whole.



In that concept  this “Rising East Project” contains multiple meanings;  firstly, that project takes place in Japan which is located in the East of the world, secondly, it takes places in Tokyo which is located in the East Area of  Japan, and thirdly,  it takes place in the  eastern area of  Tokyo.  Sumida and Taito ward are in eastern area of  Tokyo, which has a significant sense with that huge project to realize.

To be continued to Part 3

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