22. You can spend every waking hour surrounded by comics

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At a manga-kissa, or ‘comics cafe,’ a few hundred yen per hour nets you a tiny booth with a reclining chair, internet-enabled PC, an endless supply of all-you-can-read comic books, and bottomless soft drink refills.
Ostensibly created for manga freaks, these miniscule rent-a-chairs are fast becoming popluar for another reason: they offer young couples and salarymen alike a super-cheap place to kill time and catch some z’s. The extensive Manboo! franchise (despite a name and logo that border on copyright infringement) is arguably the most recognizable manga-kissa, and their flagship storefront in Kabuki-cho is perfect for hostess-club Lotharios who’ve missed the last train home.

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Manboo! Comic Cafe Shinjuku: 1-17-7 Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, tel. 03 5287 4688

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