27. It’s mod tailoring’s last stand – Yofuku no Namiki tailor

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Yofuku no namiki

Yofuku no namiki

London boasts the high-end suiting of Savile Row, while Hong Kong and Bangkok are famous for their ultra-cheap bespoke factories. Tokyo’s Yofuku no Namiki (洋服の並木)tailor may be the world’s last great mod tailor — making slim suits for cool youngsters.


A favorite of rock bands, punks and rebels, Namiki makes suits in every possible historical style (zoot suits, seventies wide lapels, you name it) starting at the low price of ¥39,900.

Read more :www.cnngo.com

Yofuku no Namiki tailor: Umegaoka Aiwa Mansion 105, Matsubara 6-4-5, Setagaya-ku, tel. 03 3325 9494

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