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 Like I wrote on a previous page here,  on this Jan.28  Dragon Quest6– one of  the most popular national RPG series– in  Nintendo DS version was released.http://www.tenkai-japan.com/2010/01/11/dragon-quests-luidas-bar-is-going-to-open-in-tokyo/   As for other titles, such as DQ 3,4, and 5,  there have been renewed versions in DS or in other games. Yet as for  DQ6, this  was the first remade version since the original version’s release with SFC(Nintendo Super Famicom) 15 years ago.   And   just one month has past since this release and it has been proven  this title hit the best sales. 20100201mog00m200036000p_size5    

  910,000 copies have been sold within the first  4 days !   This amazing number of sales is even outstanding compared to the previously remade titles of DQ 4  and DQ5.  The remade DS  version of DQ sold  4  60,1000 copies and  DQ5 did 67,9000 copies in the first week of the releases.  In the second week, DQ6 sold 180,000 and thus, this title so quickly and easily reached  one million sales !  DQ4 and 5 reached that level of number about one month later since the releases, so, this is the record-high of the DQ series sales as a whole.

Actually I, personally, had bought DQ6  in pre-order sale at a big store and on the very released day, I bought it started playing it.  But as I have been  very busy,  since almost  one month has past, I  have not beaten it yet, though I have already arrived at the big stronghold of the “last boss” .  I had played the original version of SFC 15 years ago, but  as this DS version has new functions ,such as “passing-by correspondence” which DQ 9 also was equipped with, I found it very fresh and interesting.  I am looking forward to beat the last boss and see the impressive ending descriptions.

 I also referred  to the opening of  real “Luida’s Bar” in Roppongi Tokyo on the previous page.  The bar was opened on the same day of  the release of DQ6, and has been visited by so many DQ fans. In the bar ,  ” the Sword of  the Roof of  Heaven” and  ” the  Sword of  the King” are hung on the wall ,and there special food being so  popular related to the game, such as  “the Club of Gigant” and ” the meat dumplings of slimes”. l_yog_lui02yog_lui03yog_lui04

On the Feb. 9,  Kouichi Sugiyama (/すぎやまこういち) , the composer of all the music of DQ series turned up in the Luida’s Bar and hosted a press conference there.wk_100209hibikore01It was done for the promotion of  the CD, “Symphonic Suite  Dragon Quest Ⅸ” that was to be released on the next day.   He said  the overture of DQ 9 was a bit different from other ones of the previous titles as it was the  first tittle of the new series. The introduction part of the overture was changed a litttle  for the first time in 19 years since the change in that of DQ6(original version).   Sugiyama is known as the composer of the theme music of  the ” Ultra Man” ,which was the pioneer work of  Sci-fi TV shows for children of  a giant hero fighting with  evil monsters.  He is also known as a huge fan of games in general and he actually  had beaten DQ 9  with all his characters in the game  level 99 (!)  before he beat DQ6.  Now, he says ,” As for DQ 9,  after having beaten the game. the true pleasure of enjoying the game’s world begins, but as for DQ6,  the course up to beating the last boss is really rich and really fan.” What he says is exactly what I feel about  DQ9 and DQ6,which makes me so happy .  

According to the comment of  Sugiyama on that day,  the company has not taken up  producing DQ10 yet, still  it seems  they  would  start up the new  project  shortly. I am really looking forward to its being released so soon like all the other millions of   “Dorakue” (abbreviation of  DQ in Japanese) fans.

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