Pretend yourself being a present-day “ISSUN-BOSHI”.

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Hakone Tenzan employed japan lacquered bathtub for Women’s Inner Bath
Hakone Tenzan; Wemen's Inner Bath

Hakone Tenzan; Women's Inner Bath

Open air design for “IKKYU” was quite successful, but in comparison, existed inner bath for women was traditionally designed and was seemed enclosed, stuffy, and obsolete. Bathers simply used it as warming their bodies before taking “NOTEN-BURO” or outdoor bath.

Architect, Mr. Hiroshi Ebisawa employed the same concept of “openness” used for the annex bathhouse “IKKYU.” An ordinal and mediocre old inner bath was completely redesigned and reconstructed in 1995.

New women’s inner bath was protruded to the outside next to the outdoor bath in half. You can enjoy feeling in outdoor while staying in an inner bath.

An “URUSHI-BURO” or old “HINOKI” cypress bath lacquered with japan was employed this time. The japan bathtub is maintenance free and can be used without weekly day off.

"ISSUN-BOSHI" or Japanese Tom Thumb in a japan lacqured bowl.

"ISSUN-BOSHI" or Japanese Tom Thumb in a japan lacquered bowl.

We have an old fairy tale named “ISSUN-BOSHI” or Japanese Tom Thumb. The story said that a young “ISSUN-BOSHI” took a lacquer soup bowl as his boat for rowing out along  the river when he went down to Kyoto. He was supposed to use this lacquer soup bowl as his bathtub when bathing, too. A small lacquer soup bowl is not large enough for your bathing, however.  Why don’t you bathe in an “URUSHI-BURO” or  japan lacquered bathtub in “UNYU-TENZAN” instead. You can pretend yourself being a present-day “ISSUN-BOSHI” in a “URUSHI-BURO” .

Hakone Tenzan; The Dressing Area in the Wemen's Bathhouse.

Hakone Tenzan; The Dressing Area in the Women's Bathhouse.

A space with exposed wooden beams and high ceiling structure was laid out as washing area, farther away from open side avoiding outside cool air.
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