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March is the season for graduation.

Especially at the beginning or middle of March, Japanese universities and colleges have graduation ceremony.

At the ceremony, many female students wear “Hakama” as formal wear.
“Hakama” is a pleated skirt worn over Kimono. This is a traditional formal wear in Japan.

Now various colors and designs attract a lot of girls in this season. When you walk around cities, you may find some girls wearing Hakama and let’s say “congratulations!” to them.
The combination of Hakama and Kimono is really beautiful and gorgeous.
When I see the girls wearing Hakama in this season, I always feel like celebrating their graduation with coming warm spring.
Most of the female students rental Hakama because we only wear it on special occasion.
I’ve put some of the pictures.
The Hakama itself has traditional Japanese style, but small articles, such as hair accessories and bags, are like Western style designs. They are really go well with Hakama. That’s the trend in the last few years.

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Comment from Tenkaijapan
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I love your article.
Enjoy and learn 🙂


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