Jun Matsumoto & Masami Nagsawa X “Wagaya no Rekishi”

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"Wagaya no Rekishi" (c) Fuji Televisinon Network

"Wagaya no Rekishi" (c) Fuji Televisinon Network

It was announced that actor Jun Matsumoto(松本潤) and actress Masami Nagsawa(長澤まさみ) are going to have a kiss scene in the drama.

“Wagaya no Rekishi” is a lavish Fuji TV special to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Set after WW II, “Wagaya no Rekishi” follows the Yame family and its 7 members over the next two decades. The drama will provided a mixture of laughter, romance, drama and suspense.

Due to the discrepancy between their families they strongly oppose the marriage plans of the couple, but then even a picture of one of their “prohibited kiss scenes” becomes public and matters get worse. They eventually decide to run away to save their love, but super typhoon Vera is going to thwart their plans. Vera hit Japan on September 26th, 1954 and was the strongest typhoon to hit Japan in recorded history. Looks like fate isn’t a fan of their relationship either.

“Wagaya no Rekishi” will air on 3 consecutive nights starting on April 9.
* Kou Shibasaki
* Koichi Sato
* Jun Matsumoto
* Ryuta Sato
* Maki Horikita
* Nana Eikura
* Masami Nagasawa
* Yo Oizumi
* Yuki Amami
* Junko Fuji
* Toshiyuki Nishida
* Tetsuji Tamayama
* Koji Yamamoto
* Sawa Suzuki
* Junji Takada
* Koji Yakusho


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