“Toronama Donuts”~the world’s first unbaked donuts’ shop open in Nagoya

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  A  new confectionery shop “Love Sweets Antique” opened in Nagoya City Aichi pref.  on this March 3rd (the Dolls’  Festival Day !) . The shop sells “Toronama Donuts”. The Japanese word  “toro” may imply somewhat  “thick and tender” and “nama” means ” raw, fresh, unprocessed,or  unbaked” .  Therefore,  it is a “not baked nor fried donut” .  And this is  the world’s first ones of such a new type of  donuts. 20100309110420_00_240

 Usually, donuts are baked or fried, but this new type ones are not so but  are frozen with fruits and other toppings, so you can enjoy meticulously elaborated  tender texture which “melts” in your mouth.   

Everyday since the grand opening,  the shop is  visited by so many customers who stand in lines to wait  for more than one hour, and 3000 items are sold out  by about 18:00 though actually its closing time is 20:30…   

The shop is run by “Heart  Bread Antique”, an Aichi- based  bakery chain that has a flagship shop in Ginza Tokyo, all of whose shops are very popular, with items ,such as “Angel Choco Ring”. 

The Toronama Donuts have twelve types basically of  fruit toppings, such as cheese cream and mango coated by jelly, banana, orange, green apple, and so forth.

Maybe this new type sweet should be a trendy popular item nationwide shortly.

The original introductory article of  this information  in Japanese of  Tokai Walker is here.http://news.walkerplus.com/2010/0310/10/

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