How about Farmers’ Onsen!

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“KARIN-NO-YU” Onsen opened in a Local Farm

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As you know, I wrote about fishermen’s Onsen, “TORETORE-NO-YU” in Shirahama, last time. How about farmers Onsen!  Yes, one of the well known agricultural corporations, “WAGOEN” Group started Onsen business on June 23, 2009.

"WAGOEN" Direct Sales Store.

"WAGOEN" Direct Sales Store.

The group is successful agricultural company associated with local farmers in Katori, Chiba Prefecture. They are now planning to create new kind of theme park based on direct sales stores for their agricultural products. The plan includes rental farms, vacation cottages, a campsite, a small stock farm, and an open-air theater. These facilities will be laid out on the land that includes one local Onsen named “BENI-KOMACHI”.

"KARIN-NO-YU" Inner Bath.

"KARIN-NO-YU" Inner Bath.

The group purchased the Onsen and put money for its renovation. Old “BENI-KOMACHI” Onsen was beautifully renovated last June and now it is attracting bathers from nearby cities.

"KARIN-NO-YU" Outdoor Bath.

"KARIN-NO-YU" Outdoor Bath.

The Onsen has an outdoor bath, an inner bath, and a mist sauna in both men’s and women’s bathhouses. Especially, its Japanese-style outdoor bath is wonderful. You can enjoy seeing surrounding greenery landscape in daytime and a multitude of stars at night while bathing in Onsen.

General Information

Address: 1309-34, Nishitabe, Katori, Chiba, Japan
Phone: 0478-75-1726

Admission fee (Inclusive tax)


Weekends and Holidays







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