The 2nd “Okinawa International Movie Festival” being held

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 The 2nd ” Okinawa International Movie Festival” is going to be held  Mar. 20th-28th.

This time the event has a motto of ” laugh & Peace”, which represents the passionate participation of  a lot of  vaudevillians , comedians,and TV personalities of  Yoshimoto Kogyo Co;Ltd. , the most major and popular company of  vaudevillians and comedians in Japan.  press100222

Some personalities have become very popular also as movie actors or directors as well.  Therefore, some works of theirs have been  introduced or run at foreign movie festivals ,such as “Dai Nihon-jin”(/大日本人、a big or great Japanese) directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto, a member of  “DownTown”, a popular comedy duo  which was run at  the Cannes Film festival in France.

 Being stimulated by such situations, some members took interest in participating in movie activities and hosting this kind of event in somewhere that is a popular resort like other venues of typical popular international film festivals . So, Okinawa, a quite popular  southernmost beach resort area in Japan has been chosen and this will be the 2nd festival. Some multi-show biz fields’  compound taste may create  brandnew  mixed attractions in the  movie industry.

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