Takuya Kimura returns to Getsu 9 drama “Moon Lovers”

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"Moon Lovers"(C)ORICON DD inc.

"Moon Lovers"(C)ORICON DD inc.

Takuya Kimura (木村拓哉) is going to star in Fuji TV’s Getsu9 drama “Moon Lovers (月の恋人~Moon Lovers~)” next season.

In this drama, kimura will have to try himself as a company president.

Ryoko Shinohara (篠原涼子) will play the leading female role. This will be her first actual drama since taking a break to give birth to her child in 2008. She plays the role of a very skilled interior designer who has been hanging out together with the Kimura’s role since their student days.

Taiwanese actress Lin Chi-ling also will make her first appearance in a Japanese drama in Moon Lovers.

Shota Matsuda (松田翔太) and Keiko Kitagawa (北川景子) complete the top-class cast. It’s the first time for Matsuda and Kitagawa to work together with Kimura.

Matsuda will play a subordinate of the company president played by Kimura. He’s a very skillful and obedient worker who even has some great Chinese skills. On the other hand he is also a mysterious person who holds a lot of ambitions and gets involved in a complicated love situation.

Kitagawa will play a charismatic model and daughter of a wealthy family. She’s clearly trying to use her youth to get a score with Kimura.

The term Getsu 9 was created in 1995, when an author who compiled the drama profiles that aired on Monday 9pm, and posted it on a TV forum. As there was a potential recognition of “Nine o’clock of Monday is interesting” . After then, Monday 9pm was recognized as “Getsu 9″, and become the prosperous name for Fuji TV dramas that aired on that time frame.

TOP 10 Average highest rating “Getsu 9″ drama

1. Hero – 2001 – 34.3%
2. Love Generation – 1997 – 30.7%
3. Long Vacation – 1996 – 29.6%
4. Under One Roof – 1993 – 28.2%
5. Asunaro Hakusho – 1993 – 27.03%
6. Under One Roof 2 – 1997 – 26.97%
7. Sugao no mama de – 1992 – 26.97%
8. Yamato Nadeshiko – 2000 – 26.38%
9. Kyoshi Binbin Monogatari – 1989 – 26.0%
10. PRIDE – 2004 – 25.2%

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