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010I am supposed to write about Nikko and it’s area, aren’t I?  Today, I am not talking about Nikko but Sendai.  Sendai is located in Tohoku region and the biggist city among Tohoku 6 prefectures.  It takes about only one hour and six minutes from Utsunomiya where I live to Sendai by Shinkansen (Bullet train).  About 240km north from Utsunomiya.  Acturally it takes about 50 minutes from Tokyo to Utsunomiya in spite of the 100km distance.  Can anyone tell why that happens? 

The answer is; it is densed area between Tokyo and Utsunomiya so that the  bullet trains are not allowed to run as they supposed to.  Even so, bullet train is far better than normal train.  It takes 1 hour and 40 minutes if you use normal train.

I will tell you why Sendai next time.

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