“SAIOU-NO-MIYA” is really a dramatic world of Heian dynasty

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The Hotel “Sen-no-mori” opened its Annex guest house.
The new gurst house, "Saiou-no-miya."

The new gurst house, "Saiou-no-miya."


 We have three major Shinto shrines in Japan. They are Ise Jingu in Mie, Iwa-shimizu-hachiman-gu and Kamo-jinnja in Kyoto. The Hotel Sen-no-mori is very close to one of the three, Ise-jingu. The hotel added new attraction to their clients when opened “SAIOU-NO-MIYA” guest house in the hotel compound on November 7, last year.

The torii gate of the Ise Jingu Shrine.

The torii gate of the Ise Jingu Shrine.

The name of the annex guest house “Saiou-no-miya”is derived from the phantom palace for an Imperial princess who served as a maiden in the Ise Shrine in behalf of the Emperor in Heian Period. The hotel tries to revive the dramatic dynasty world in the Heian Period that was described in famous Japanese literature “Ise-monogatari” or Tales of Ise and “Genji-monogatari” or Tales of Genji. The dramatic interpretation of the hotel image was created by a female producer under the careful guidance of experts from the Saiou Historic Museum, patronizing for ladies.

A part of "Genji-monogatari-emaki."

A part of "Genji-monogatari-emaki."

An image of Saiou.

An image of Saiou.

The new six-story annex has 28 guest rooms with open-air bath, two restaurants, spa, lounge, and library. Although, all rooms have open-air bath, made of beautiful chinaware, unfortunately Onsen water is not used. If you like to enjoy Onsen, the hotel has nice open-air Onsen bath in the main building. The annex is connected with the main building by the corridor, so you can easily walk in and take these comfortable Onsen.

A small outdoor bath of the private room.

A small outdoor bath of the private room.

Open-air bath in the Hotel Sen-no-mori.

Open-air bath in the Hotel Sen-no-mori.

One more attraction for ladies is that beautiful “Yukata” or cotton kimono in various colors and sizes are available at “Yukata-kan” or the wardrobe.

Saiouno-miya Yukata room

Various colors and sizes of "Yukata" for ladies.

Rating on the “JARAN” Website

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*Standard level is 3.0 in 5.0 points.

General Information

Name: The Annex, Saiou-no-miya under the Hotel Sen-no-mori
Address: 1165-1, Ikenoue, Sahachi-cho, Ise, Mie Prefecture, Japan
Phone: 0596-39-6611
Web-site http://www.saiounomiya.com/

Tariff for 1 person

Number of guests

shared in a room


Weekends &  Holidays’ Eve

Special Room

2 guests

29,400 yen

+4,200 yen

+3,150 yen

3 guests

27,300 yen

+4,200 yen

+3,150 yen

4 guests

25,200 yen

+4,200 yen

+3,150 yen

*The above prices include two meals, service charge, and tax, but exclusive 150 yen local tax for onsen.

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