Sendai part 2

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Sendai is the capital of Northern Honshu.  U-ji Ko-ji, manzai comedians who are boast of their hometown which is near Nikko, Tochigi prefecture, mentioned that Sendai is New York of Tohoku region.  Tohoku literally means “east north”.  Matsushima, Aoba castle, Tohoku University and Beef tongue are famous.  But Sendai is more than just an historical city.  It is industrial and trading centre of world importance.  The factory where I have been cotracted for is producing  semiconductors and it’s parent company is an American company.  I have been working with Welsh engeneers about 4 weeks and found everyone of them is nice people and I had a good time with them.  Particularly after work. 

Unfortunately I have not got any spare time in Sendai this time but I have some photos which I to0k a couple years ago. Please imagine the city.Sendai city from Aoba castleDSC00060

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