A Lodge “HAGOROMO”in Hakone Tenzan

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“Come and enjoy 4 days and 3 nights of relaxation among the clouds.”
Lodge Hagoromo & its signboad.

Lodge Hagoromo & its signboad.

Unyu Tenzan is located 30 meters below the old Hakone Kaido highway, at the front banks of Sukumogawa River. Visitors can see the stream rising between the trees. It looks something like a Shangri-La in the deep mountain. Sitting just next to the Japanese style Tenzan bathhouses, there was a Spanish style resort house owned by a financial institution in Tokyo. The combination of typical Japanese bathhouses and Spanish resort house had created something very unique contrast.

Lodge Hagoromo entrance area.

Lodge Hagoromo entrance area.

In 1999, Tenzan purchased this bank’s employee resort facility. After renovation of the resort house, Tenzan made farther step into lodging industry. A small 8-room inn was built; replacing the bank’s Spanish style, white terracotta building. The new lodging house was named “TORYU-TOJI HAGOROMO”, or Sojourners’ Lodge for hot-spring cure, HAGOROMO. The name “HAGOROMO” came from Japanese word meaning the celestial robe of an angel.

Lodge Hagoromo Guest room & Its small library.

Lodge Hagoromo Guest room & Its small library.

The essence of “UKIYOBURO” or old Edo-style bathhouse was magnified and employed for the new lodge. Their brochure says of it “Come and enjoy 4 days 3 nights of relaxation among the clouds.” Guests can relax in a tranquil Onsen vacation retreat. Although small in size, the intimate inn is equipped with its own dining room, library, private bath, and esthétique salon. In keeping with its spirit of rejuvenation, brown rice and five-grain rice are served at breakfast and dinner, respectively.

General Information

Address: 205 Yumoto-chaya, Hakone, Kanagawa, Japan
Phone: 0460-85-3926
Web-site: http://tenzan.jp/index.html

Accommodation fee (Inclusive tax)

1st day


with breakfast

2nd day


with breakfast

3rd day


with breakfast

*A dinner is available for your request. Please pay 1,700yen additionally.

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i would like to know if it is possible to stay only for one night in your place? i already came last year with my daughter of 15 years,and we loved the tenzan baths.we will come to tokyo in april because i will have an exhibition in tokyo,and i would love to stay a bit more than only one day,so i would move to spend one night in hagoromo.thanks to confirm if it is possible or not.

best wishes
nathalie lete

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