Gackt x “Nemuri Kyoshiro Buraihikae”

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Gackt x Nemuri Kyoshiro Buraihikae

Gackt x Nemuri Kyoshiro Buraihikae

Gackt has been given the lead role in a theatrical version of the jidaigeki story “Nemuri Kyoshiro Buraihikae.”

Gackt, a Japanese musician and model, is known for his career as the former vocalist for Malice Mizer. This is his first performance in a stage play.

Originally a series of novels by Renzaburo Shibata, “Nemuri Kyoshiro Buraihikae” has been the basis of more than a dozen films and several television dramas. The story revolves around a sleepy-eyed swordsman born from a Japanese mother and a foreign father.

The stories take place during Edo period under the Tokugawa shogunate and the rule of Tokugawa Ienari and center around the title character, a sleepy-eyed swordsman who is the son of a Japanese mother and a foreign father, who was conceived during a Black Mass.

“In these days of weak men, I’ll etch myself in the minds of every person in the audience as an attractive samurai, a good Japanese and a nice man and show them that there are men like this,” Gackt said during a promotional event for the play.

Gackt said he has been working hard to get into the character of the outlaw samurai, eating vegetables and working out five hours a day for half a year.

Performances are scheduled to begin at the Nissay Theatre in Tokyo on May 14 and six other major cities in September or later.

Nissay Theatre

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Comment from Koori
Time 31/05/2011 at 13:03

How I dearly wish that I could see his performance in this. Unfortunately, living in the US (even the Pacific NW) can be a tad prohibitive in such a case.

I wish Camui-san all the best in his latest venture — “Break a leg!” in the vernacular of the stage.

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