Ayase, Okada, Tsutsumi star in live-action film”Princess Toyotomi”

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Princess Toyotomi

Haruka Ayase, Masaki Okada, Shinichi Tsutsumi

Haruka Ayase (綾瀬はるか), Masaki Okada (岡田将生), and Shinichi Tsutsumi (堤真一) have been cast in a film adaptation of Manabu Makime’ (万城目学)s novel “Princess Toyotomi”(プリンセス トヨトミ).

“Princess Toyotomi” is described as a historical mystery, likened to “The Da Vinci Code.” Blending fiction and historical fact, the novel was published last year and was nominated for the prestigious Naoki Prize (直木賞).
Makime’s previous works include “Kamogawa Horumo” and “Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi,” which have both been given live-action adaptations.

Princess Toyotomi

Princess Toyotomi

The three stars will play elite investigators from the Board of Audit of Japan, the department responsible for reviewing the final accounts of national expenditures and revenues. During their review, they stumble upon a secret which has remained closely guarded for over 400 years. Long ago, before Japan was unified under one rule, the Toyotomi Clan clashed with Tokugawa Ieyasu and were eventually defeated in the Tokugawa shogunate’s Siege of Osaka.

Haruka Ayase will play an innocent female investigator with a keen natural instinct named Torii. According to Ayase, the story offers a romantic feeling of history and may even have elements of unintentional comedy.

Masaki Okada will play a fresh-faced rookie to the team, a half-Japanese, half-French investigator named Gainsbourg Asahi.

Shinichi Tsutsumi will play their no-nonsense leader Hatsumi Matsudaira, a veteran investigator who will not tolerate compromise, earning him the nickname “Demon Matsudaira”.

Filming starts in July. The movie is expected to be released during early summer 2011.

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