“GUNDAM Café” is to open on this 24th 

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   “GUNDAM  Café”  http://g-cafe.jp/, an official cafe of ”MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM”  http://www.gundam.jp/, a very popular sci-fi anime  series which commemorated its 30th anniversary last year (2009), is going to open in front of  Akihabara Station in Hanaoka-chou, Kanda, Chiyoda-ward Tokyo on this April 24th, announced BANDAI Co.;Ltd. http://www.bandai.co.jp/e/index.html  on 14th.  20100414at34t  


  The cafe  is  to be located in distance of  just one-minuate walk from the ” Electric Town Exit”  of  JR Akihabara Station. That area is, as well known worldwide, the most famous and popular mecca of  contemporary Japanese  subculture, such as anime, games, and  “maid cafes”, and so forth.   GUNDAM series describe an imaginary future world of  space opera type wars and human relationships, where soldiers fight on fighter robots called “mobile suits”.   

Last year there were  commemorative events of  the 30th  anniverssary of exhibiting “real” Gundam” image which was 18m high,which is exactly the very accurate size of the Gundam described in the works  in Odaiba Tokyo and  Higashi-shizuoka Station area in Shizuoka Pref.     gn_010_m


This time BANDAI explains that the company intends and expects the cafe to  be a source to send information about the works to wide range of  fans from beginner fans to versed fans and be an entertainment amenity for them. At the cafe information on the works, related items, and goods will be provided. The food menu also will be unique to the cafe, such as “Jaburo Coffee” and “Gun-pla Ohban-yaki”(/ガンプラ大判焼き, ohban-yaki is a traditional Japanese sweet having a shape of  a big old Japanese token and being  something crossing between pancake and waffle. “Gun-pla”  means Gundam’s plastic model(s) ).  “Jaburo” is a name of an imaginary area and a martial base  described in the works that is located in somewhere in the Amazon in the South America in the work series. So, South American coffee beans are used in special way exclusively for Jaburo Coffee.  The dough for Gun-pla ohban-yaki has a shape of a  Gundam’s  shape with  its 1/144 size. Gun-pla ohban-yaki is only for to go.

And more unique food and  will be added to the menu one after another, which will be announced by the company. 

 “GUNDAM Café” ○HOURS OPEN :  Mon.-Fri. 10:00am-11:00pm,

                                                                         Sat. 8:30am-11:00pm,

                                                                         Sun.&Public holidays  8:30am-9:30pm 

            ○SQUARE: 144.2㎡

            ○CAPACITY:  60 seats

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